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Staff Needs


From start to finish our event managers,  cooks, servers, bartenders, and dishwashers will cater to your event needs.  Any occasion big or small, we have quality candidates to take care of it all!  

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Event Planning


Our focus is on matching our vendors to our clients' desires. We work closely with each client to assist them in assessing their individual needs. 

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Cleaning Needs


 Whether it is commercial, residential, or hotel rooms--clean is clean! We give you the convenience of having one less thing to clean. We provide services 7 days a week & anytime day or night.

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We can provide one key candidate or a whole team for your specific project

  • Bartenders
  • Bar-backs
  • Event Prep Chefs
  • Kitchen Chefs
  • Banquet Servers
  • Event Dishwashers
  • Dishwashers
  • Event Captains
  • Event Managers

Note: Five-hour minimum per day per representative. 

*Please ask if you a need confidential disclosure agreement signed by team member(s).  

Home events are billed at a higher rate.

Home events are billed at a higher rate.


Event Planning

A la Cart or Full-Service

Our event planners can help you find local venues, caterers, party designers, rental items, florists, & music.  We can work with your vendors or you can choose from ours.  All services start with taking the time to understand what you really want.  We will begin with your initial phone consultation and  create a package that fits your needs. The consultation could last up to 30 minutes depending on your needs/questions.  After your consultation, an estimate will be available within two business days.  

 We can handle all or some of the event needs below:

-RENTAL ASSISTANCE - TipTop Staffing will assist you with rental from start to finish ( china, linen, tables, chairs, etc.). 

-NON- ALCOHOLIC MIXERS  & BAR NEEDS DELIVERY-  We give you the convenience of having one less thing to worry about. We can provide you with a list of bar items needed and you let us know what you want. We can provide anything non-alcoholic such as: fresh fruits, soft drinks, Bloody Mary mix, stirrers, and much more.  

-STORE RUN- Did you forget something? Call TipTop Staffing two hours prior to your event and we will try to arrange a store run for your event.  

-ICE DELIVERY -At your request, we will deliver up to 100 lbs of ice for your event. 

-FULL SERVICE EVENT PLANNING- Two 1.5 hours on-site meetings (viewing venues, food tastings, meeting with vendors, etc.), assisting  with rental needs, and 1.5 hours the day of event for  "Roll Call" (checking in all vendors and rental).  $25 hourly is billed for any additional time needed for on-site meetings. $250 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking the first on-site meeting.    

*In order to get any of the services above, one representative from TipTop Staffing has to be working the event.

From Start to Finish

TipTop Staffing is a premier full-service event planning company. Whether we are designing a wedding, private party, or corporate affair-- we give TipTop service!   

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TipTop Cleaners



How much time do you need to fill an order?

Same day service requests are welcomed; however, we do work on a first-come, first-served basis . To guarantee customer satisfaction, please request staff at least one week prior to your needs. Our goal is to always give you the coverage you need. 

How much are your services?

Price points are based on fair industry market rates. We are open to negotiate in order to meet our client’s needs, as we are committed to building a working relationship.

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What are your payment terms?

Invoices are sent weekly. Payment terms are net 15 or net 30 at an additional cost of 3% per invoice.  We accept payments free of charge; via check, cash, or ACH.  We accept all major credit cards with a 4% convenience fee.  If payment is not paid in full by due date, there will be a late fee charge of $30 or 10% of the balance (whichever is greater). *Private Events and  Housekeeping services may require a deposit upon booking. 

Do you have coverage?

Yes. TipTop Staffing  and all contractors carries a multi-million dollar Liability & Workers' Compensation policy. We also hold a liquor liability policy for private event bartenders.   

Here's a few tips from TipTop

· Save Money- The average cost fora new direct employee is $57,967.88. If

you were to pay TipTop Staffing $20 hourly for 40 hours a week for a year you would still save $16,253.48.

· Save Time- As many as 84% of new hires do not live up to the new

employer’s expectations. Let us do all of the interviewing, hiring, background

checks, etc.

· Increase Flexibility-Use our team members as much or little as you need. 

· No Liability- We cover all liability, payroll taxes, unemployment

claims, workers comp, etc. 

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